Trenza Corporation

Senior Engineer
August 2000 – March 2001

Used Perl, Java, and Antlr to extract information from the Open Directory Project database into an XML data file.

Used Java Server Pages and Servlets with Apache, Tomcat, and OpenLDAP to create a secure user registration web application. Configured and installed Apache+SSL, Tomcat, and OpenLDAP to run on a Debian Linux server.

Used C and C++ to write the integration layer between the Windows GUI and the networking components for a multiuser communication application. Used C and C++ to access the OpenLDAP server being used to store and reference user information for the application.

Used C to re-write the network communication portion of the OpenLDAP client library to use the network communication layer on top of TCP/IP that Trenza was developing. Contributed to the design and implementation of Trenza’s network communication layer.