Site Updates

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Site upgraded to Hugo 0.60.0, using the new Goldmark markdown library Updated Netlify build options resulting in a more minified HTML deploymend Updated to v0.1.4 of my custom Hugo theme The new Goldmark renderer disallows inline HTML by default, which broke my current rel="me” back-link to my Mastodon profile. Until I update my custom theme to provide better IndieWeb hooks via layout templates, I ended up having to update my config.

Verified with Mastodon

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I have successfully linked my website with my profile on the Librem One Mastodon instance (a.k.a Librem Social). The link back to the website shows as verified!

Custom Domain - Live!

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The site is now live at my personal domain:

Netlify Deployment - Success

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I am keeping the source-of-truth for the source of this site as a private repository on my personal Gitea server. Since Netlify currently only integrates with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, I had pick among those options to mirror the source for the site. Even though GitHub now offers unlimited private repositories in their free tier, old habits die hard. I decided to use GitLab for the source repository mirror, because they've always offered those unlimited private repositories.