Netlify Deployment - Success

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I am keeping the source-of-truth for the source of this site as a private repository on my personal Gitea server. Since Netlify currently only integrates with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, I had pick among those options to mirror the source for the site. Even though GitHub now offers unlimited private repositories in their free tier, old habits die hard. I decided to use GitLab for the source repository mirror, because they've always offered those unlimited private repositories.

After one minor snag1, I successfully deployed my site to Netlify. Tomorrow, I will work on setting up my custom domain.

  1. Since I have Hugo v0.59.1 installed on my computer, I used that version as the min_version of the basic Hugo theme I put together. Out of the box, Netlify uses Hugo v0.54 and it refused to build my site at first. Fortunately, configuring Netlify to use a different version of Hugo was as simple as using the web interface to set an environment variable. ↩︎