Basic Hugo Theme - v0.1.5 released

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I just pushed up tag v0.1.5 of my Basic Hugo Theme. From the README: While the official documentation about Hugo Templates does provide all of the pieces to get started creating a theme, it doesn’t necessarily put them together in one, easy-to-see-together place. This theme attempts to pull all of the necessary pieces together into a theme that can be used as a starting point to create more sophisticated themes.

Résumé taken back from LinkedIn

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It took several days of tweaking layout files to get the data laying out the way I'd like, but I have finally gotten my résumé imported into the web-site. I started with the data that I have long had public on my LinkedIn Profile, cleaned up some ancient cut-and-paste issues that snuck into it, and added a bunch of additional descriptive text for what I've currently been doing at work.

Verified with Mastodon

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I have successfully linked my website with my profile on the Librem One Mastodon instance (a.k.a Librem Social). The link back to the website shows as verified!