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Add Webmention Support

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With many thanks to Using Web Mentions in a static site (Hugo), published by Paul Kinlan in October 2019, I have added Webmention support to the site. For now, I am using to handle the heavy lifting of providing the Webmention end-point, the same way the above-referenced article describes. With only minor modifications to the Node.js script from the article, I can pull down all mentions for my domain from Webmention.

More Responsive Site Design

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My Semantic IndieWeb Theme currently being used for the site has been updated to provide a more responsive design. On landscape tablet or wider screens, the author card now displays in a column on the right side of the screen. On smaller devices, such as ones phone, the author card will continue to render at the end of the page. There is a fair amount of yet-to-be-used whitespace under the author card in the wide screen view.

Fixing the Site Permalinks

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Today I realized that I had incorrectly set up a permalinks definition for the posts section of the website in a way that left the posts/ folder out of the generated path name. That wasn't how I intended the site to be laid out on-disk. Since my content organization was the way I wanted things to end up, the permalinks definition was redundant as well as incorrect. However, I realized that I couldn't just remove it, as any-and-all links that I had previously shared on Mastodon would be broken!

Changed Theme to Semantic IndieWeb

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Site has been update to use my new work-in-progress Semantic IndieWeb theme. This brings configurable rel="me" tags as <link>...</link> blocks in the <head>...</head> of each page, enabling IndieWeb authentication.

Site Updates

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Site upgraded to Hugo 0.60.0, using the new Goldmark markdown library Updated Netlify build options resulting in a more minified HTML deploymend Updated to v0.1.4 of my custom Hugo theme The new Goldmark renderer disallows inline HTML by default, which broke my current rel="me” back-link to my Mastodon profile. Until I update my custom theme to provide better IndieWeb hooks via layout templates, I ended up having to update my config.

Custom Domain - Live!

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The site is now live at my personal domain:

Netlify Deployment - Success

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I am keeping the source-of-truth for the source of this site as a private repository on my personal Gitea server. Since Netlify currently only integrates with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, I had pick among those options to mirror the source for the site. Even though GitHub now offers unlimited private repositories in their free tier, old habits die hard. I decided to use GitLab for the source repository mirror, because they've always offered those unlimited private repositories.

About This Site

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For many years, I have played with the idea of creating my own personal corner of the Web, be it by starting a blog or by simply creating a small web site to call my own. I even started a handful of WordPress sites over the years. However, I never felt that I had anything to say, so they all went unmaintained and I eventually deleted them. I have never really gotten into Social Media.