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For many years, I have played with the idea of creating my own personal corner of the Web, be it by starting a blog or by simply creating a small web site to call my own. I even started a handful of WordPress sites over the years. However, I never felt that I had anything to say, so they all went unmaintained and I eventually deleted them.

I have never really gotten into Social Media. I have a Twitter account that I almost never tweet on and a Facebook account that I rarely log in to. I did rather enjoy Google+ while it lasted, although I used to more as an attempt to preserve interesting articles or web sites that caught my eye than as a medium for self expression.

The only mainstream Social Media platform that I use much at all is LinkedIn, and that is because of its focus on professional networking rather than “social” per-se.

The bigger the mainstream Social Media platforms become, the more they seem to turn into little more than platforms for advertisers to treat me as a product, rather than as either a true medium for self expression or a meaningful way to keep in touch with people.

Recently, I have started exploring less mainstream platforms. I discovered Mastodon, and became fascinated by the idea of a federated network of small “Social Media” sites. My research into Mastodon also lead to discovering the IndieWeb and the philosophy of POSSE - Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.

In other words – Take back the Internet, and make it ones own thing again.

Now that … that's inspiring, and motivating.

Plans for the site

  • I am currently using Hugo to create the content for this site. Content-as-code is a beautiful thing.
  • I plan to make said theme Responsive and (hopefully) a lot more attractive than it is now
  • Finally, I plan to turn this site into a proper blog and a showcase for personal projects

About Me

If you happened to have followed the link to my LinkedIn profile, you have already discovered that I am Principal Software Engineer working in the Greater Boston area. For right now, that's all there is to know about me.

Contact me in the Mastodon Fediverse @kcoram@librem.one