Averstar, Inc.

Senior Engineer
October 1993 – August 2000

Used Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs to integrate SQL and SIF databases into a school administration web application.

Used C++ with MFC and Java with Swing to for rapid prototyping for a DARPA command post enhancement contract.

Used ASP, DHTML, and Visual Basic to access a Microsoft SQL database in a medical records web application.

Used C, AdaMagic, and Perl to translate Ada source code into annotated HTML.

Used C, Ada, Java, and MOO Code to create an educationally focussed multi-user virtual world. Created interactive objects, enhanced the TCP/IP network communication for the server, and provided a KQML interface to the world for use by external agents.

Used Ada to create the AdaView debugger on Solaris. Ported AdaView to Windows NT on the Intel platform. Wrapped WIN32 system calls in Ada functions and objects.

Participated in an experiment comparing the use of a special-purpose language for the processing of binary messages with the use of Ada code templates for the same task.

Used Haskell to calculate when air traffic would intersect geometric regions in space and transmit the results over the Internet to client software.

Used Haskell to translate C header files into Ada specifications.